Come Walk the Path With Me

Stone Labyrinth
Stone path where I lead labyrinth walks every fall.



Welcome to my blog about labyrinths.  I love to find and walk labyrinths all over the world.  Walking a labyrinth is a form of centering prayer that keeps me mindful of my intentions for the day, a project, my life, etc.  It is a whole-body movement meditation that is integrative.  Time spent on the path is a gift you give to yourself and often a source of healing.

I plan and facilitate labyrinth walks for groups of different sizes around a variety of themes.  Here you will find information about how I approach walking labyrinths both alone and with others.   Here you will also find suggestions and tips around how you can spend time on the path that is meaningful and restorative.

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is an example of sacred geometry.  Labyrinths have been built and shared for thousands of years and have be used for many different purposes.  The form and structure of the path inspires people to slow their pace, reflect and meditate.  It is a journey to the center that mirrors the journey of a life, and an inner journey to the core of who you are.

One Path

A labyrinth has only one path that leads the way to the center and back out again, so there is no puzzle for you to solve.  There is no way you can get lost.  You are there to relax and let your imagination lead your way.  It is a path that you can trust as it teaches you to trust yourself.


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